Bringing world-class  performers to Medina or bringing a historic Civil War-Era Opera House back to life requires an enormous commitment of time, talent and treasure.

ORG is solidly committed– to the arts, preservation and to being a catalyst in the renaissance that is Medina– to all of these things and more.

History, preservation, the arts- building a vision for Medina as a regional destination is our commitment.  We know you share that vision too. ORG initiatives are a big part of that “renaissance”– raising the bar by building a community culture that supports and promotes the arts; resurrecting one of the nation’s oldest surviving opera houses; shining the light on our region as a leader in preservation and concert events… but we cannot do it alone.

There’s strength in numbers with those who share the same vision.  Both currently and in years past, ORG has partnered with many local corporations and dedicated individuals who have proudly provided sponsorship of ORG cultural initiatives.

Become a member.

Become a concert event sponsor.

Become a corporate partner.

Consider a gift to bring back a timeless piece of architectural history with national significance.

ORG welcomes your support and thanks you for your consideration in supporting the the arts and preservation.

The Orleans Renaissance Group– Credible. Professional. Innovative. Promoting the arts and preservation in Medina and across Western New York.


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