Bent’s Opera House– a timeless architectural and historic treasure with national significance.  It is one of the oldest surviving opera houses in the United States.  Its walls have witnessed more history, seen more important figures of yesteryear, heard more music as performed by renown artists of centuries past than you could possibly imagine.  ORG’s vision– bring it back.  Restore it to its former glory. Preserve its history– and more.

Make of it a Western New York culinary, wine, arts and agri-tourism destination.  Is it possible?… It has already begun!

There’s strength in numbers with those who share the same vision.  Both currently and in years past, ORG has partnered with many local corporations, dedicated individuals, foundations and organizations who have proudly provided generous financial support of ORG’s Bent’s Opera House preservation initiative.  Join us in working to achieve the vision we have for Bent’s Opera House.

Bring it back. Consider a gift to bring back a timeless piece of architectural history with national significance. Be a part of something greater… the renaissance of a historic site and its transformation into a destination.

ORG welcomes your support. Thank you for your consideration in supporting the restoration of Bent’s Opera House.

The Orleans Renaissance Group– Credible. Professional. Innovative. Promoting the arts and preservation in Medina and across Western New York.

Bent's 4R

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