From the very first day ORG took ownership of Bent’s Opera House, engineers and architects have made site visits to Bent’s and have provided various reports, documents, plans and drawings related to the restoration project.  These documents have been invaluable in advancing the vision and project that will see Bent’s Opera House restored as a 21st century destination.  Additional plans and drawings other than those here are currently being prepared and will be posted as soon as they become available.

Bent's pediment    PROPOSED (color) 2ND FLOOR 5-18-11     PROPOSED (color) 1ST FLOOR 5-18-11    PROPOSED (color) 3RD FLOOR 5-18-11

Floor Plans.  Among the first drawings needed were an accurate set of floor plans.  In order to begin any conceptual visioning, ORG needed to have and exact and precise rendering of each floor along with accurate square footage.  Mr. Michael W. Noga, LEED-GA of Buffalo, New York made several site visits, resulting in an accurate and comprehensive set of floor plan drawings reflecting initial plans for a comprehensive vision of a renovated Bent’s Opera House complex.  This allowed ORG to provide a basic visual rendering that was used to gain support in the community and with potential financial resources for additional early planning and building assessment.  Mr. Noga’s renderings proved invaluable in the early stages of restoration planning.


444 BASEMENT B:W FLOOR PLAN,    444 PROPOSED B:W 1ST FLOOR,    444 EXISTING 2ND FLOOR,    444 3rd Floor Plan Revised,     PROPOSED (color) 1ST FLOOR 5-18-11,    PROPOSED (color) 2ND FLOOR 5-18-11,    PROPOSED (color) 3RD FLOOR 5-18-11,    PROPOSED (color) MEZZANINE 5-18-11

Roof Truss Assessment.  Initial inspection of Bent’s Opera House revealed an obvious structural issues with regard to the buildings 1865 roof trusses.  Over the years various mitigating conditions had an impact on the structural integrity of the truss system, so much so that the Bank of America (former owner of the building) had reinforced four of the trusses with vertical steel i-beams.  It became plainly evident that if the third floor performance space was ever to be restored, the i-beams would have to be removed and the truss system deficiencies addressed.  Through Michael Noga’s involvement, he was able to secure the services of Mr. Peter H. Grace of Siracuse Engineers, Buffalo, New York.  Mr. Grace has over 40 years of experience in the practice of structural engineering and has been associated with many of the major building projects in Western New York.  He is also an Adjunct Instructor of Structural Engineering in the School of Architecture at SUNY Buffalo.  Mr. Grace made a site visit to Bent’s with Mr. Noga, resulting in an expert assessment of the truss system, its condition as well as other structural observations in the building.  Mr. Grace’s assessment has proven invaluable in advancing more detailed construction planning.


PETER GRACE – Final report of Structural Observations (1)

Floor Load Rating Assessment.  Having been built in 1864-65, ORG wanted to make certain that the floor load capacity would meet the needs and codes for a 21st century application.  The first step was to assess the live floor load of the structure, allowing ORG to make allowances and adjustments in future planning and renovation.  ORG was able to secure the services of Mr. John F. Collins Jr., P.E., Project Manager, MRB Group in Rochester, New York.  Mr. Collins made a lengthy site visit resulting in a comprehensive assessment of the floor live load rating.  Mr. Collin’s assessment has proven invaluable in advancing more detailed construction planning.


MRB:Collins – Bent’s Floor Load Analysis

Façade Drawings.  More recently with façade stabilization work being done by Catenary Construction of Rochester, New York, a set of drawings depicting a façade restoration was completed by Bero Architecture, PLLC of Rochester, New York.  This beautiful and comprehensive set of drawings was used recently when ORG applied for a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Village of Medina Architectural & Historic Review Board for proposed façade work to Bent’s Opera House.  The drawings were completed in consolation with the New York State Historic Preservation Office in Albany.


Bero-Bent’s Façade Drawings,     C of A app-Bent’s (1) 

Bent's restoration_1024







 Bent’s Opera House– The Future is Now!

Bent's future teaserR


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